Russian Standard Bank implements Smart ID Engine technology for passport recognition, speeding up loan granting

Russian Standard Bank has implemented the Smart ID Engine passport recognition technology to speed up processing of consumer loans.

The Smart ID Engine technology is already being used to recognize the passport data of clients at several offices of the bank. Implementation of this solution in the information system has allowed Russian Standard Bank to speed up consumer loan processing and reduce the influence of human factor when entering a client’s passport data.

With the Smart ID Engine technology, registering a new customer in the banking system or servicing an existing customer at a branch requires only taking a picture of the client’s passport with a web camera. Smart ID Engine technology automatically retrieves all necessary data from the document, and then the data is automatically entered into the appropriate fields of the Bank’s information system. It compares the previously saved data with the recognized data, thus eliminating inaccuracies in the database.

The technology was developed by Smart Engines. The solution was supplied and integrated into the bank’s information system by NVI Solutions, which specializes in implementing software products for industrial customers in Russia and abroad.


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