RAS IITP article on innovation in Russia

The RAS Institute for Information Transmission Problems has been working globally on artificial intelligence since 1961. Its experience shows the importance of avoiding gaps between technology and science.

The rapid progress in artificial intelligence development is now provided mainly by large corporations that can employ a large concentration of specialists, ideas, big data and computing power. But these efforts and successes rely on decades of scientific inquiry and research. And new breakthroughs will require fundamental discoveries and vibrant science. The conversation that took place at the A.A. Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems (IITP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences confirms this point of view.

The RAS IITP has been creating new products demanded by the world market for many decades. Achievements of small innovative enterprises of RAS IITP, including NVI Solutions, testify to the connection of scientific and applied tasks in this sphere.


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