Gazprombank plans to use AI to process loan applications

Gazprombank is planning to introduce an AI-based technology capable of automating the processing of incoming loan applications. The system will be able to recognize the data of a client’s Russian passport and 2-NDFL certificate.

«The stage of filling in the data in the loan application is important both for pre-loan processing procedures and for the convenience of customer service. The use of artificial intelligence technologies for document recognition allows us to significantly improve the quality of data provided in the application, as well as to speed up decision making and thus achieve the maximum effect of automation», said Ekaterina Kotova, Head of Retail Business Risks Department of Gazprombank.

The developed technical solution relies on the automatic recognition of documents to increase the quality of the input information when submitting loan applications, reduce the bank’s costs for polling external systems, minimize credit risks, speed up decision making and, prospectively, reduce the time for entering applications in the digital service channels both from the bank’s employees and from customers.

NVI Solutions supplied the solution and services for its integration into the Bank’s IT ecosystem.


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