15 Moscow companies, NVI Solutions included, selected to receive the city’s support for business scaling in the Middle East

The Moscow Export Center, operating under jurisdiction of the Capital’s Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development, together with the GenerationS corporate innovation platform have completed the selection stage of the international accelerator program for scaling up export sales through local partners in the Middle East. The best companies received co-financing for participation from the Moscow government in the amount of 90% of the cost.

«It was the first accelerator conducted by the Moscow Export Center with the assistance of KAFADS international partner: we are confident that the new program to enter the MENA countries will allow Moscow companies to strengthen business relations with partners in this market, develop an effective export strategy with the support of foreign experts and as a result scale business and sales in the Middle East», according to Vitaly Stepanov, Head of the Moscow Export Center.

A total of 15 projects from the Internet of Things, IT developments in healthcare and the Smart City were selected.

NVI Solutions implements AI-based analytical control systems into various areas of production.

«One of the fastest and most effective ways to enter the MENA market for companies is to participate in an accelerator program; its main objective is to implement export projects through local partners in the Middle East, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Partnership with MENA Accelerator program ensures awareness of regional specifics at all stages of the product’s entry into the market: adapting the financial model of the company, training the team to work in the Middle East region and introducing the process of sales automation, thus reducing the risks of implementing the project,» said Ekaterina Petrova, Director of GenerationS.

The program will take 12 weeks and end with a Demo Day in August; at this event the participating companies will present their first results.


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